Our VIDEO PRODUCTIONS ensure that your message is remembered.

We see ourselves as a video production company with a high standard of conceptual as well as consultative groundwork. Based on our many years of experience in the field of film, we are very familiar with all forms of commercial productions - from simple social media videos to elaborate advertising videos. There are dozens of ways to get your message out.
NORTHFAB PRODUCTIONS will make sure we use the best tool possible.
NORTHFAB offers you all necessary services to realize your idea in the best possible way. We take care of your concept, develop scripts & storyboards, define the shotlists and create treatments, exposés, voiceovers as well as the perfect film style for you.

NORTHFAB develops your storyboard. Once the concept is in place, we create a storyboard. It contains images, actors, text, music and all film locations - so to speak the film animated on paper in advance.

Commercial film
Image films, corporate videos and advertising film production in Berlin - for brands that want to make their product or service attractive to their desired target group, moving images play a decisive role. There are many ways to produce an advertising film.
Whether as a short pre-roll spot, promotional film or product video, the film should reflect the most important content of your product in an extraordinary way.

Social Media Video
We develop comprehensive marketing campaigns using social media videos that reflect your brand's mission. Together with social influencers, NORTHFAB PRODUCTIONS can increase your brand's online presence with influencer initiatives. We work closely with influencers, bloggers as well as celebrities. This allows us to plan and schedule sponsored content accompanied by custom content and cost-effective advertising campaigns.

Product Video
NORTHFAB PRODUCTIONS produces inspiring and emotional product videos. We focus not only on the function of the product, but rather on its emotional value.
Whether it's high quality watches, shoes, household appliances from all industries to cars and buses - we produce product videos & POS videos on state-of-the-art technology!
POS Video
POS videos for brands that want to make their product or service attractive to their desired target group, moving images make a decisive contribution.POS film is defined by its place of use. So directly at the point of sale. It is increasingly important to place information and advertising messages at the point of sale quickly & topically.

Employer Branding
Employer videos, also called recruiting video or employer branding video, create versatile design possibilities to draw attention to the attractiveness as an employer. They serve as a tool to strengthen the employer brand, to increase the quality of applicants and to experience the company and its employees authentically and emotionally.

TV advertising
TV advertising provides advertisers and media agencies with high-reach exposure for new products. Through TV advertising, you can achieve specific goals - publicizing a new product, creating a positive image of your brand, branding a new e-commerce company, and directly boosting sales of a specific product.

Media planning
NORTHFAB PRODUCTIONS supports you in your media planning. We work cross-media and approach your ideas with creative solutions, guiding you step by step on the way to an effective media strategy.

- independent consulting around media and advertising
- planning of media strategies
- support in the search for a communication strategy
- target group assessment and initial ideas for effective advertising
- budget planning
Regardless of scope or budget, we approach all projects the same.
Thank you for your request! We will contact you within 12 hours.

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