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We have extensive experience in the realization of campaign shoots and the production of fashion films. Our expertise ranges from conception and planning to production and post-production.
At the beginning of the process, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and goals and develop a concept that effectively communicates their brand and message. We ensure that the concept is coherent and that the messages and your objectives are communicated in an engaging and compelling way.
We take care of all aspects of the production, including location scouting, casting models and crew members, equipment and styling, as well as planning the shoot or shoot itself. We make sure that all the necessary permits and insurance are in place and that everything runs smoothly.
Once production is complete, we take care of post-production and editing of the material. We make sure that the final product meets the highest standards and meets the client's expectations.
Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your next fashion shoot or fashion film shoot.

- Planning
- Project management
- Location scouting/permits
- Casting
- Team & Equipment
- Movie
- Photography
- HD, 4k to 8k production
- Studio
- Green screen production
- Lighting & Sound
- Post-production 
- Production management

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