NORTHFAB tells your story... and mashes up all kinds of todays media channels with marketing function to create effective photo and video campaigns for agencies and brands. We generate tremendous online engagement and valuable earned media coverage worldwide.
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creative direction


Again think crossmedia – advertising is an art form and so brands can become amazing media content providers.

Advertising requires simultaneous orchestration of tools and infrastructures like concept, storytelling, internet, media, creativity, content and branding to ensure the best results. NORTHFAB delivers all the services and solutions, starting with the concept and ending with its production and implementation.

Let´s focus not only on the brand, but on the community that consumes it as well.


This is what we offer…

  • Strategy & planing
  • Research
  • Content strategy
  • Consulting
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Creative direction
  • Productivity
  • Consitency
  • Logistics
  • Flexibility
  • Storytelling
  • Scalability
  • Social media awareness


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Innovative communication

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All around the world

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Marketing communication

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Digital brand management

…we create succesful campaigns…

Develop an idea

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Relating concepts to one another

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Creative solutions

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Getting attraction

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What is your content about

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