How does production work?
We work with you to develop the look for your production. 
Whether it's exclusive real estate, extraordinary locations such as a remote desert, underwater worlds, a spaceship or a simple everyday situation, our advanced AI methods offer a new dimension to the creative design of your production.
We start by creating around 10 different AI-based backgrounds per look, using a prompt-based placeholder product. 
You can then simply select your favorite background.
You send us your products and we photograph them in our studio or a studio of your choice. 
We use the lighting conditions created by the AI-generated image. It is not possible to work with existing images here, as the lighting conditions would not match the backgrounds.
We now integrate the images from the photo shoot into the background you have selected. 
The lighting conditions are adjusted again accordingly. All necessary shadows are taken into account and added.
What are the advantages of our AI backgrounds? 
One major advantage is that you already know what your finished picture will look like before the actual shoot. So there are no unpleasant surprises. 
Another plus point is that we can deliver high-quality and elaborate-looking photos, but unlike conventional shoots, we keep production costs in check.
Can we also use AI to generate people who fit our product?
Yes, and now comes the big but: the positioning, attitude and emotional expression of the people created cannot be controlled and are therefore only a product of chance. 
It is also not possible to use AI to attract a certain product to a person or to put it in their hand. So the real answer here is no. 
We integrate the real people photographed into the AI-generated background.
Application examples:
Advertising photography: Add a new dimension to your commercials by placing real people in front of different backgrounds - from atmospheric landscapes to creative settings.
Creative photomontages: Experiment with combining elements from different worlds to create unique yet realistic images.
Customizable product photography: Present your products in different environments to show them off to their best advantage.
-  Planning & scheduling
- Pre-Production
- Casting
- Location Scouting
- Production
- Post-production

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